Vaginal yeast infection causes

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Detox tea avatar Hi, Health and Fitness adviser, my name is Kerry and I am 22years please how do I know my vaginal yeast infection causes and what are the symptoms and diagnosis for it?

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Vaginal yeast infection causes happen when there an imbalance in the quantity of yeast in the vaginal (decrease or excess of bacteria and yeast).

This can happen through the introduction of new yeast in the vaginal area

And also an increase in the quantity of normal yeast present in the vaginal.

Mind you, this yeast is protection bacteria and is present in every normal vagina to make the vaginal healthy.

But the situation whereby the presence of yeast is decreased or eroded through the intake of antibiotic or immunosuppressive drugs.

It can cause a vaginal yeast infection.

Mind you, vaginal yeast infection is not a sexually transmitted infection.

These yeast infections can cause irritation, vaginal discharge, intense itching of vaginal and vulva (the outer part, and the opening tissues of the vaginal).

Vaginal yeast infection causes

Candida (Vaginal yeast infection) is caused by the following.

  1. Antibiotic
  2. Immunosuppressive drugs
  3. Douching
  4. Oral Contraceptives
  5. Steroid
  6. Diabetes infection
  7. Vaginal wounds or scratches
  8. Tight underwear’s
  9. Changes in hormones
  10. Disability (Sitting in a wheelchair)
  11. Re-occurrence (Lack of proper first care)
  12. Chemotherapy

How Antibiotic cause vaginal yeast infection

When you take antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria causing infection in your body.

For example, Strep throat– Most times kill healthy bacteria (natural bacteria flora in your body) and cause yeast to grow.

That’s why antibiotics are known as a common side effect in women.

And it increases their chance of vaginal yeast infection.

How Antibiotic cause vaginal yeast infection

How Antibiotics works to kill bacteria.

Antibiotics keep the bacterium from building a cell wall and thereby destroying the bacteria cell membrane by dissolving it.

Mechanisms of action of antibiotics.

Bacteria as known build cell walls by connecting molecules together, this connectivity is blocked in the process by antibiotics call Beta-Lactam.

A cell wall is a protective membrane but when the pressure inside the cell becomes too much it bursts the membrane causing the bacteria to die.

Penicillin and Cephalosporin are a good example of Beta-Lactam been used to treat bacteria.

Othe group of antibiotics called Macrolide affects ribosomes which are the cell’s protein-building machine.


Ribosomes help to build protein in bacteria and what macrolide does is to block the building of the protein-making the bacteria to die.

Why? Because protein does all the cells work and since it does not build then it bound to die.

A very good example of macrolide is Erythromycin used in treating respiratory tract and other skin infections.


Quinolones also do not allow bacteria to copy their DNA by causing the strand to break. At the same time, it also prevents the breakage to be repaired.

Meaning since the DNA is not intact the bacteria cannot survive.

Ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin

Ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin antibiotics are a good example of Quinolones.

Now, you can see that not only do antibiotics kill bad bacteria it also kills the good bacteria that you need to protect your vagina as well.

So when the good bacteria are killed your body suffers it by losing the benefits and also gives room for other bacteria to multiply thereby leading to opportunistic infection.

Yeast infection then happens when bacteria from the opportunistic infection zone get into your body and overrun the good bacteria that was damaged by the antibiotics.

Likewise, on the reversal, when antibiotics disturb the balance of your microbes it causes the good bacteria to also multiply quickly.

And that is harmful and can lead to yeast infection.

Meaning, too much intake of antibiotics can make you vulnerable to Vaginal yeast infection.

So the good way to protect your resident bacteria is to take antibiotics only when necessary.

And taking antibiotics that target bad bacteria specifically.

This will allow the friendly microbes to survive and populate their environment to help your vagina stay healthy.

How immunosuppressive drugs works to kill bacteria

How immunosuppressive drugs works to kill bacteria

When you take an immunosuppressive drug it increases the risk of infection and malignancy.

Though people use the immunosuppressive drug to sterile their body so as to protect them from specific bacterial infections.

But on the reversal, these drugs suppress their immune system and increase their risk of infection and malignancy.

These drugs also damage most of the good bacteria (e.g. lactobacilli) in the vagina and push some into a more virulent, resistant state.

They also cause pH levels in the vagina to fluctuate and be placed on immunosuppressive drugs can be a likely Vaginal yeast infection causes.

It may cause an imbalance in vaginal pH and having a normal vagina pH level is important.

Vaginal pH level

The vaginal pH level is supposed to be between 3.8 and 4.5 to make it a healthy and protective acidic vaginal environment.

If the acidity rises too much it can cause a reduction in fertility, because sperm thrives in an alkaline environment and may also lead to vaginal yeast infection.

Though after menstruation and menopause healthy vaginal goes higher above 4.5.

So, taking probiotics can help restore the healthy bacteria in your vaginal in that case.

How douching causes Vaginal yeast infection

How douching causes Vaginal yeast infection

Please if you do douche, I strongly advise that you stop it.

Some women wash their vagina with a mixture of water and vinegar, baking soda, or iodine which increases the vaginal pH level and does encourage the growth of bacteria.

And by nature, your vaginal is naturally self-cleaning.

It does this through secretions of mucus.

So using this mixture increase the pH level and encourages Vaginal yeast infection.

Best Practice

The best thing to do is to use warm water and unscented soap to wash the outer part of the vaginal.

This is more hygienic than those mixtures that will be harmful.

A high intake of yogurt also helps as it contains calcium and vitamin D.

Vitamin D Supplies Lactobacillus which generate the beneficial bacteria for your vaginal.

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How Oral Contraceptives causes vaginal yeast infections

How Oral Contraceptives causes vaginal yeast infections

An increase in estrogen levels in a woman’s body can develop vaginal yeast infections, this estrogen is mostly introduced into the body through birth control pills.

Though recently newer contraceptives pills are less likely to cause vaginal yeast infections because they are fewer doses of estrogen.

So switching to these newer contraceptives is advisable.

How Steroids cause vaginal yeast infections.

Steroids are very dangerous to women health because it dampens the body natural immune defenders thereby suppressing the immune system.

The interruption in the local milieu does change the acidic content/bacteria levels in the vaginal area which can make the yeast grow.

And this will increase the chances of a woman’s vaginal yeast infection and also recurrent candida infection.

How Diabetes infection causes vaginal yeast infections.

Women with high blood sugar levels are susceptible to vaginal yeast infection because it weakens their immune system defenses.

Mostly those with diabetes-related issues like damages of the nerve and reduction of blood flow to the extremities make the vaginal prone to yeast infection.

It starts by colonizing the mucus membrane (vaginal) which then interferes with the normal infection. And this will not allow the white blood cell to perform.

When the white blood damage, it causes the yeast to multiplies and unchecked thereby resulting in vaginal yeast infection.

Women with type 2 diabetes are at higher risk of vaginal yeast infection.

But by maintaining their blood sugar level can help them to reduce the risk of this infection.

Meaning, if left untreated it can result in serious health complicated issues.

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How Vaginal wounds or scratches causes vaginal yeast infections.

Most times insertion of tampon does cause vaginal wounds or scratches which can result in yeast infection of the vaginal.

When removing a dry Tampon from a vaginal can cause wounds and scratches in the vaginal wall and can lead to yeast build-up causing infection.

So also leaving it for a long time in the body can become toxic.

This can make your body go into shock (Toxic shock), likewise changing it too often can also cause a problem.

And the dangerous thing about toxic shock is that it allows bacteria to enter into your bloodstream and cause your vital organs to shut down.

Therefore, causing the bad bacteria to overrule your vaginal membrane.

This problem in most cases leads to abrasions which raise the chance of you getting a vaginal yeast infection.


How Tight underwear causes vaginal yeast infections.

This usually happens when you wear tight underwear’s mostly those that are not made with cotton materials.

Underwear that is not made of cotton mostly generates heat when wore, causing moisture and vaginal irritation.

Also wearing thongs or spandex underwear during a workout can aggravate yeast infection.

So, avoid wearing them during a workout.

Likewise, using scented detergent to wash your underwear can also cause a yeast infection.

Also, avoid using them and do not also dry your undies with a scented drying machine.

How Changes in hormones cause vaginal yeast infections.

Hormonal imbalance does occur mostly in women that are breastfeeding or pregnant.

So also are women that are taking birth control pills and those that are around their menopause stage.

Women in this condition are usually experiencing changes in their estrogen and progesterone levels which do cause vaginal yeast infections.

This hormonal imbalance prevents their body from using the estrogen making their estrogen level to go low.

How Disability (Sitting in a wheelchair) causes vaginal yeast infections.

Women bound to wheelchair mostly paraplegic or tetraplegic patients are prone to vaginal yeast infection.

Been a wheelie patient can lead to a long term yeast infection due to the patient mobility that is restrained.

We find this happening mostly to those patients that are unable to take care of themselves and those with poor care.

Because sitting all day long in a position will cause moisture and that makes it a very good environment for candida to grow.

This mobility restrains, can also cause urinary tract infection which can lead to catheterization.

Meaning if you’re a victim it may allow your urinary tract, digestive system, and crotch to create a good environment for yeast to thrive.

And because most wheelie patients are prone to infections taking antibiotics to become a norm.

Taking antibiotics recurrently then means making way for opportunistic infection (yeast infection)

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Advice on how to prevent the occurrence of yeast infection.

Constantly rinse your private part with clean water to remove bacteria, yeast, or debris.

Always clean your crotch and rectal areas with antibacterial or anti-fungal soap.

After cleaning make sure to dry your crotch and rectal areas very well if possible with a hairdryer.

Thereafter apply natural anti-fungal powder to mop up any perspiration.

Always let your underwear that you will put on be of cotton material as it takes perspiration up.

Avoid wearing tight clothes as well and also foods that may have an effect on kidney function.

How Re-occurrence (Lack of proper first care) cause a yeast infection

Recurrence does happen in cases where formal treatment receive was not all that effective.

In situations like that, you have to follow up with check-up to make sure that the infection has gone.

Likewise, if your antibiotics intake is much it can lower your good bacteria that do protect your vagina and can lead to yeast infection.

Also if your blood sugar is high it can as well make room for recurrence.

Hormonal imbalance as we discussed above can also cause recurrence as well.

Likewise, wearing tight clothes also is another major cause of recurrence. So wear loose and cotton clothes to allow air penetration.

How Chemotherapy cause yeast infection.

How Chemotherapy causes yeast infection.

Chemotherapy can cause yeast infection due to the weakened immune system of the patient.

It makes the white blood cells go low and thereby makes the patients more susceptible to infections also known as neutropenia.

These white blood cells help to fight infections and once it is low, the infection can easily set in such as yeast infection.

Chemotherapy is used for the treatment of cancer. What the drugs been used does is to kill cancer cells thereby not allowing it to divide or grow.

It is an invasive treatment that has a severe adverse effect because the drugs use not only destroy cancerous cells but also destroys good cells as well.

These good cells are destroyed and open the body easily to candida infections.

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Cure and Prevention

Vaginal yeast infection is very disturbing. It makes you uncomfortable mostly with the nasty smell under you.

Also, the burning when urinating, itching, swelling can make one feel awful mentally and physically.

I’ve even seen this same infection destroy a lot of homes as well and nothing can be as frustrating as that.

Most especially when you have tried out some recommended treatment that doesn’t deliver the result.

Do not disturb yourself the solution is using a proven method that has successfully treated and get rid of candida in over 17500+ patients.

So if you have applied some of the temporary solutions that we have discussed above and still didn’t get a result.

I will advise you to go for this permanent solution that has a successful cure over 17500+ candida patients.

This is a clinically proven method base on research and back by scientific findings.

I hope this answers your question.


Vaginal yeast infection causes : Symptoms, Cure and Prevention

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