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Kelvin Barry (Question)
Morning Health and Fitness Advisers, can you guys recommend to me the best teeth whitening kit that can be done at home to whiten teeth easily, naturally and forever?

Best Answer by John – former Dental Nurse

The easiest way to whiten your teeth easily, naturally, and forever is using a natural alternative that will give you brighter, sparkling white teeth and whiter smile.

And this can happen in just a few weeks.

It is the safest, all-natural, and cheap way to achieve sparkling white teeth from home.

Here is my experience which can help to save you and as well get the best result.

Having worked alongside 6 different dental practitioners during my 17 years in the industry I’ve seen more than 2500 teeth whitening procedures first-hand and up-close.

And believe me, it hasn’t been pretty to watch and that makes me decide NEVER have my teeth whitened by a dentist.

But first, let me tell you what kinds of food and drink lead to tooth discoloration so as to stop your teeth from getting any worse.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration

teeth whitening

Red Wine

Red wine contains acid eat away our tooth enamel which creates rough spots that make our teeth vulnerable to staining.

And with the presence of chromogens and tannins, it helps the color to stick more to your teeth.


As generally known coffee and tea are very rich in acidity and stain-promoting tannins.

And the pigments from these dark coffee color easily get embedded in the microscopic pits and ridges of your tooth enamel, leading to permanent yellowing stain on your teeth.

Soft Drinks

Most soft drinks can also cause significant staining due to Acidic and chromogen present in them.

A researcher recently found out that highly acidic drinks like sports or energy drinks do erode the tooth enamel and lead to staining.

In fact, some of this acidity is so strong that it actually compares to the acidity in battery acid.


Cigarettes contain ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and carbon monoxide, as well as other poisonous chemicals like nicotine and tar.

Anytime you light a cigarette the substance will start burning and that changes the chemical properties.

The smoke passes through your mouth when inhaled depositing a sticking residue to your teeth and cause staining.


There are a lot of teeth-staining coloring agents present in candies, chewing gum, popsicles, and other sweets.

And most times your tongue turns a funny color after chewing making it a good chance for your teeth to be affected.


Antibiotics such as tetracycline discolor the tooth enamel.

Most people on heavy on the antibiotics have a good chance to have tooth discoloration.

Now that we know the cause let’s then dive into the process of teeth whitening.

No1 Solution:

Using a professional teeth whitening procedure by visiting a local dentist which most people might not be able to afford.

And if they do, chemicals such as Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide which are BLEACHING AND DISINFECTANT AGENTS will be used and can cause horrific side effects.

Some of the side effects are:





5. Diarrhea & VOMITING etc.

In some cases, stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting caused by the chemicals do occur because they’re harmful to the gastrointestinal tract.

Some also do experience painful throbbing in their teeth for several days after bleaching due to the bleach that has penetrated into exposed dentin or a crack in the enamel to irritate the pulp.

This does narrow the pulp chamber and the canal, which can often lead to the need for a root canal years later.

No 2 Solution:

Do it yourself teeth whitening kit which is even more dangerous than a professional teeth whitening procedure done by a dentist.

According to FDA and EU Laws, home teeth whitening kits should not contain more than 0.01% of hydrogen peroxide to be safe.

And as tested most of them consistently recorded much higher levels.

Also according to consumer studies carried out in both the US and the UK, some kits bought online were found to have as much as 10% hydrogen peroxide.

And that to me is 100 times more than the legal limit.

Some of these kits contain CHLORINE DIOXIDE and SODIUM PERBORATE which are extremely toxic chemicals.

Which are often found in industrial-grade detergents that can cause IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE TO TOOTH ENAMEL and premature tooth decay?

And the reason being that the mouth guards provided by most home kits aren’t custom-fitted and it is common for some of the bleaching gels to leak out onto the person’s gums.

Thereafter to their mouth, causing burns, blistering, and sensitivity which is far worse.

And according to the European Commission on tooth whitening products, it is estimated that up to 25% of the hydrogen peroxide applied is actually SWALLOWED which is very bad for your health.

So, many fake teeth whitening kits are all available online and with dangerous levels of bleaching agents.

Even if you were lucky enough to get whiter teeth, the results are not permanent.

And this will tempt you to buy more kits and doing it again and again which will make your enamel more porous.

It will make them get damaged even further, and become MORE LIKELY to stain with repeated whitening.

What led to this teeth whitening discovery

With this problem in the environment where I work, I happen to know and become a friend to a lot of patients mostly with similar issues and side effects.

While on the beach one sunny afternoon I ran into one of the patients I use to know and now seeing her with beautiful, sparkling white teeth.

Initially, I thought it was artificial but in my quest on how she got her sparkling white teeth back, she then introduces the 100% NATURAL way.

This natural way according to her is very easy for anyone to get her sparkling beautiful white teeth back and it’s SAFE, NATURAL, CHEAP, and WORK.

I was surprised.

Here are my teeth before and after

Teeth Whitening

With this breakthrough, I decided to try it out to whitening my own teeth.

And to be honest with you it was a piece of pure luck.

And the results I saw were simply amazing with no side effects.

It was a small collection of weird remedies and ingredients that produce this incredible whitening results on teeth, and they’re 100% safe and natural.

And within 21 days, my own teeth were noticeably cleaner and whiter.

Also within 2 months, they had been transformed from a murky beige color to dazzling white.

I highly recommend you get it from this link she gave me.

Professional Advice

Am really not too sure about the current price but it’s 100% NATURAL.

And they are simple everyday ingredients which you can pick up from your local grocery store.

This is the only 100% NATURAL way that works and gets you your sparkling beautiful white teeth that you desire.

It has no side effects and can be done in the comfort of your home.

It will help you to finally say goodbye to the embarrassment of having yellow or discolored teeth.

Teeth Whitening: Whiten Teeth Easily, Naturally and Forever!

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