Arthritis and Driving

<strong>Charles from Belgium (Question)</strong>
Please, Health and Fitness adviser I am an osteoarthritis sufferer, and my hands hurt from driving and I love to drive what advice can you give me so as to be free from pain while driving?

Arthritis and Driving

A lot of people suffering from arthritis may find it difficult to walk to the car and back.

But most of them do not let arthritis stop them from doing what they like best or enjoying their life.

Therefore, in a situation when you may have head out of the house and hop into your car. Which is great, how about if you start experiencing pain?

Then how do you treat yourself on the road and also prevent that pain from coming back the next time?

Below are useful tips on Arthritis and Driving that you can apply.

Have a Pain relief supplies available

First, I will advise you to keep your arthritis pain relievers in your car.

Have a few pain relief supplies on hand by keeping them in one of your car’s compartments.

Make sure it comprises of over-the-counter pain pills, a tube of arthritis cream, or on-the-go heat patches.

Even if you experience pain immediately as you get in your car, or later down the road, rely on these over-the-counter products to seek relief.

But, if you reside in a region with cold winters, I will advise not to keep these items in your car, as they may freeze.

Meaning you have to put them in your purse or fanny pack.


Get a Heating patches

Now concerning the over-the-counter products, most retail stores sell on-the-go heating patches.

What the patches does is stick to your body and warm with skin contact.

A well-known product is ThermaCare and it is a good brand.

It is a good option when you can’t use an electric or microwaveable heating pad

So, assuming you’re in pain before you leave your house, and must still leave, maybe for a holiday party or a doctor’s appointment, apply an on-the-go heated patch.

Your relief will stay for up to 12 hours.  And since they stick directly to the skin, there won’t be adjustments needed.

Remote Car Starter

Get a Remote Car starter

For your car, I will strongly advise you to buy a remote car starter so as to ease the starting.

And if you reside in the northern United States, it is important to always warm your car first.

Please note that your reason for buying a remote car starter is to ease you an extra trip back and forth.  Which doesn’t have to as an arthritis patient?

So buying and using a remote car starter will make a lot of sense.

Because this device allows you to start and warm your car from inside your home.

And likewise, make it easier to unlock car doors.

Instead of you rummaging with the keys, push the button and your car doors unlock!

Please take note whenever you want to buy a remote car starter, look for stores that offer free or discounted installation.

Don’t Use or Install no-slip steeling wheel covers

Please don’t use or buy no-slip steeling wheel covers.

People that suffer from arthritis of the fingers, fear driving.

In fact, a lot do fear the danger they put themselves and others in.

So, I will advise if you find it difficult to grip your car’s steering wheel, please make a new purchase.

And make sure that the new purchase should be an easy grip and non-slipable steeling wheel cover.

And for the installing always ask a store employee, your family member, or friend to help you install the cover.

Get a Jar Opener

Let there be a jar opener in your car.

If your own arthritis is that of the hands, there’s a tendency that you likely already utilize rubber jar openers at home.

Jar opener makes gripping, twisting, and turning easier. 

So having one in your car is vital.

You can always use it to unscrew your car’s gas cap.

If possible you can also find arthritis gas cap wrenches available for sale and buy.

These wrenches slip over your gas cap, have an extended and easy-grip handle.

They are very tools, but they can be hard to find.

And for the same price, you could easily buy 20 rubber jar openers, which will help you achieve the same goal.

Always fill up your Car with Gas

Make sure you always keep your car well gassed.

My reason for saying this is that as previously stated, there are tools available to make opening and losing the gas cap easier.

As vital as these tools are even with these tools, it can still be difficult and painful.

And the best option to prevent the onset of pain, always make sure you have a full tank of gas in your car.

This will allow you not to be forced to put gas in when you are already in pain or more susceptible to it.

Therefore, if you have a full-service gas station in your area or see any, use it.

With these tips about you can see that there are many steps you can take to ease travel and car use.

Therefore, just because you suffer from arthritis and are prone to pain does not mean you need to live your life in fear.

And by implementing the above-mentioned steps to reduce the pain you will be able to perform better and recover fast.

So, if and when it does arrive just turn to your stash of over-the-counter arthritis care products to seek relief.

Here’s a Better Advice for Arthritis and Driving

If I may ask, does it mean this is how you will have to continue to live? From pain to pain?

Can’t there be a permanent solution?

There’s is definitely a permanent solution, but the solution needs you.

Because these pain-killers will only create an illusion of relieving pain while causing a series of harmful side-effects.

And however, you try to mask your pain it will still come back as soon as you cut off your drugs.

Meaning the underlying cause is still there.

Then why not focus on the underlying cause and get rid of it forever?

Best Solution for Arthritis and Driving

Now, let me tell you the truth.

Contrary to normal medical belief, I want you to know that cartilage is capable of repairing itself, and as a result, osteoarthritis is curable.

Therefore, the way out from osteoarthritis is thinking toward a broader perspective on health and you become an active participant in your own treatment process.

Because unlike other connective tissues cartilage has no blood supply and that explains why it heals so slowly.

Meaning it can heal.

When joint move the synovial fluid carries nutrients to the articular cartilage and therefore provides important building blocks for regeneration.

And that is to say you can eliminate osteoarthritis only if you will address the underlying cause.

Now here’s what you need to do.

Alkaline food
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Balance your body PH

You can do this by stopping the accumulation of waste build-ups in your joints by alkalizing your body.

Make sure that the water you drink is pure, do a regular exercise every day.

Also, always consume organic fresh fruits and vegetables because they are an alkalizing diet as they will help you a lot.


No the Food that triggers your problem

It’s important for you to know the food that triggers flare-up in your joint so as not to consume them.

If you want to liberate yourself from osteoarthritis, please stay away from those foods.

Because most of those foods contain harmful anti-nutrients like phytates, lectins, or gluten.

So please avoid them.

Balance your Nutrient

To have Cartilage repair itself you need the required nutrients and it must be sufficient to supply it.

So always take superfoods and whole-food organic supplements.


Regular Exercise

For Cartilage to be nourished the synovial fluid have to do it.

And with regular exercise it increases the chance to release the amount of synovial fluid in the joints.

Work on your Mind

Your mind affects your physical health. Scientifically this has been proven many times.

So, by applying a mind healing technique that will remove harmful subconscious will help to treat your DHS.

Action to Follow (Arthritis and Driving)

There are many more and if I continue to list them out it will make this article longer than it was supposed to be.

But if you’re willing to holistically approach and eliminate osteoarthritis addressing the cause of your OA is the real solution.

So, no matter the mainstream medicine tries to make you believe it is very possible to eliminate osteoarthritis without drugs or surgery.

If you need detailed guidance and comprehensive, easy-to-understand strategies check it from their website here if it is still available.

Inside it you will get to know and see a detailed list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you relieve pain.

Also it will help to improve the quality of life by simply teaching you how to focus on the underlying cause instead of masking your symptoms.

It will help you to know how to find what aggravates your symptoms, how to reduce the pain and inflammation naturally.

Also it will show you the best strategies to facilitate the regeneration of your aching joint.

Concerning your subconscious mind, you will get to see how it affects your health and your whole life.

And you will get to know how to relieve your symptoms using the power of your mind and many more.

How good will it be if you wake up one day and finally find that you have been liberated?

For your Arthritis and Driving question are these tips helpful?

If it is helpful please share this article with a friend and sufferers.

You never can tell how many lives you will save by sharing this.

Recover Fast, Perform Better: Tips on Arthritis and Driving

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